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Realizing Increased Direct Mail Performance with Augmented Reality

Visualizing Increased Direct Mail Performance with Augmented Reality
By Chris Nolan October 03, 2019 No Comments

The drive to digitize Direct Marketing efforts is in full effect as innovative organizations continue to amplify the performance of Direct Mail campaigns using automation, artificial intelligence and personalization.

As more Direct marketers turn to digital solutions to optimize Direct Mail campaigns, those looking to stay on the cutting edge are beginning to incorporate advanced technology, like Augmented Reality (AR), into their Direct Mail content to improve the overall performance and engagement.

AR allows marketers to turn static Direct Mail and print pieces into interactive experiences complete with graphics, animation, video, audio, and 3D content.

The Impact of Digital Technology and Direct Mail

While Direct marketers covet the technologies and platforms Digital marketers leverage to deliver high-velocity, personalized campaigns at scale, consumers are becoming resistant to digital saturation and inbox fatigue. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where 76% of consumers trust Direct Mail more than Digital advertising channels. 

Not only do consumers trust Direct Mail, but they anticipate and enjoy receiving and opening it: 

  • 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered
  • 72% of these consumers bring it in as soon as possible
  • 85% sort through and read selected pieces of mail every day

Innovative Direct marketers are thinking beyond basic “ink-on-paper” tactics and leveraging new techniques and technology to surprise and engage their audience and motivate them to action. 

Of those new technologies available, AR is proving to be one of the most practical options to take advantage of.

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The Cost Effectiveness of Augmented Reality

Your first thought when considering the use of augmented reality may be that it’s too expensive of a technological investment to incorporate into your Direct Mail initiatives. But the reality is that it is an extremely cost-efficient solution.

While other technologies, like Virtual Reality (VR), can be complicated and expensive (VR requires the use of a headset that ranges in cost from $25 to $500), there is no adoption cost when it comes to using AR. All customers need to experience AR through Direct Mail is a mobile device and the ability to download an app.

Both Augmented and Virtual reality provide users an immersive sensory experience, but in 2017 only 5% of people in North America owned a VR headset. Comparatively, by 2020, the number of mobile device users is expected to grow to 5.5 billion – 70% of the global population.

The Simple Implementation of Augmented Reality

To offer customers an Augmented Reality experience through Direct Mail, you simply have to follow these steps.

  1. Plan and develop AR content experience
  2. Embed an augmented reality code within your print mail’s content
  3. Provide copy/text on Direct Mail prompting customers to download an app that reads the AR code and unlocks the customer experience

From there, customers can interact with mail by enjoying various audio and video experiences that allow them to more deeply engage with your brand and the products and services you provide.

Today’s improved image recognition further adds to the aesthetically pleasing experience you are offering consumers, as dated and unappealing QR codes have been replaced by programmable photos and graphics.

Elevating Direct Mail Personalization with Augmented Reality

As marketers turn to digital Direct Marketing platforms to increase ROI on Direct Mail, Augmented Reality elevates the personalized experiences already provided in your organization’s mailings.

We know 78% of consumers will only engage with offers if they have been personalized to their previous engagements with the brand. Using data you’ve collected based on customers’ interactions with your brand, you can deliver them an experience that proves you pay extremely close attention to their interests, needs and pain points.

Personalization and AR are a perfect complement to one another. Marketers are capturing their audience by delivering mail with personalized offers, creative and messaging. Incorporating an AR-driven experience on top of that personalization increases the amount of time a customer engages with your brand.

Harvard Business Review reports consumers have a 70% higher recall of a company through Direct Mail versus Digital ads. Using augmented reality to create a self-contained multichannel experience that is highly personalized will only further boost engagement and overall response rates.

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